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New Year, New You

Ok, so we’re now thoroughly into 2018, and it’s clear that this yer is just as shit as the last.

I always used to make resolutions growing up, whether it was to try harder at schoolwork or run more, but this year I’ve decided not to. And this is why…

Much like the Christmas period gives us an excuse for drinking more, eating more and generally letting our normal lifestyles go, the new year gives people an excuse to go “I’m going to do everything at once and make everything better”. You sign up to five gym classes having never done one in your life and wonder why you can’t keep it up.

Resolutions encourage us to make large, unrealistic goals for ourselves, and this means that we are setting ourselves up for failure just as the new year gets most depressing.

Furthermore, new years resolutions are far too infrequent – why should there only be one time in the year where we are encouraged to make ourselves better?

For me, I find a much more effective way to change my lifestyle and wellbeing is, instead of making one massive goal at the start of the year, make several smaller, chunk goals at chosen increments. Since about October last year, I’ve been giving myself weekly goals which could be as small as 10 sit-ups before bed when I would really wish I could be doing 50. But giving myself a small goal in a small time-frame meant that I kept to it much better than if I had tried a bigger goal.

After each week, it can then be assessed what was working and what wasn’t, and how you can raise your goal slightly – say by doing 15 sit-ups.

So that is why I am not doing New Years Resolutions. They involve a lifestyle change and it is far easy to say you will change your lifestyle in a big way than to actually do it.