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The Valentine’s Day Post

Well it’s Valentine’s day again. That wonderful feast day to celebrate the saint of love, marriage and strangely beekeeping.

But, being the bitter singleton that I am, and having never actually had a gift or a card from someone other than my mum on Valentine’s day (cue sad violins…) It’s only appropriate that I write a bitter post about the day.

To me, all these holidays and special occassions, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, mother’s day, Hallowe’en and even St Patrick’s Day have one thing in common; they organise when fun and happiness is supposed to be. And yes, there are many occasions that many of us have had great days, but there are also many where people haven’t.

Much like having a night out is usually the funnest when it is not planned, love is usually most honestly recognised when it is either unexpected or perfectly timed.

Don’t get me wrong, although the stalls selling roses sprouting up around London Bridge have made me cringe with jealousy, the thing is that I would actually adore to be given a bright red rose by someone who loves me.

But just because this holiday is here doesn’t mean love should be forced. And neither does it mean that we shouldn’t recognise it on other days of the year, when a great friend is there in a difficult time or a parent or carer is there doing their best to keep you warm, fed and dry.

Having love concentrated like this morphs Valentine’s day into something like Christmas; a retail, advertising and merchandise holiday which never truly expresses the depth of the emotion. And isn’t sensitive to lose who have been recently broken-hearted or lost a loved one.

Love is for life, not just for Valentine’s.

Song: Across the Sea

I don’t care for that little piece of my life,

The one you took away from me;

It was a phase, a moment left in time

And one I was so scared to leave.


But now it’s gone I don’t think of it much,

The tides of time have run away with me,

The love is gone, the feelings were all lost,

When I returned across the sea (and I found out I could be free)



Ohhh did you think I would wait?

Did you think the love was that great?

But then we parted, and whatever was there has gone,

It’s never something I would dwell upon.


Kisses on postcards can only go so far

Before I begin to undo

And all those men waiting at the bar

They all make me think of you


What’s done is done; the sands have passed,

What’s lost is lost, we can’t make it last

And all the while you thought I would wait,

Expecting that you and I were a product of fate.




So, what if our time has run?

And all those memories are made.

I grow old, I grow fatter, I become

Just a silhouette to fade.


But I couldn’t wait, not for anyone

My life was mine and my battles to be won

I had my reasons; my goals are my own

The world was mine, still yet to roam.

Song: Ghost of all my lovers past

A bit morbid, but one of the first songs I wrote guitar music to! Recording hopefully coming soon.



Ghost of all my lover’s past,

Come greet me now, come greet me last

Show me the mistakes I made

Before my memories start to fade.


I promise I will be behaved

My forgotten feelings can’t be saved

So, come greet me like we’re old friends

And I will try to make amends.



You— broke me down

I— didn’t make a sound

I forgive them all,

The love was cold

I forgive them all

Our stories are all told


Follow me into my head

To see the memories of my dead

People who I have no more

People who I once adored


Turn the pages of my books

They tell it all, just take a look

People who I try to forget,

Filled up with stagnant regret.



You— broke me down

I— didn’t make a sound

I forgive them all,

The love was cold

I forgive them all

Our stories are all told


Come my spectre, take me heart

Smashed to pieces; make it start

Once again, just heal the wounds

Hauled up in my catacombs.


I will live on, I will not die

I will not run away and lie

We are over it’s all done,

There was no game, it can’t be won (It’s clear that you were not my one)



You— broke me down

I— didn’t make a sound

I forgive them all,

The love was cold

I forgive them all

Our stories are all told

Song: My Soul Fades

A song about getting over a break-up (what else?!):


Verse 1

My soul fades like another day

It wasn’t meant to be this way

I found your love and I thought it would last

By now it’s just a thing of the past


Verse 2

My heart breaks like a shattered glass

I didn’t think it would be so fast

How could you do this, I thought it was real

Did you ever love, did you even feel?



I’m so tired – – –

Of starting over again

It’s too much Effort – – –

To get to know them

For them to break my heart

Like I am nothing but flesh

And make me feel like I was less

Do I hold out hope for that special one?

Or do I accept that all the good ones are gone?


Verse 3

My body breaks as he walks away

I have more pride than to beg for him stay

Wasted months, all wasted time

Wasted laughs on someone left behind


Verse 4

You go now, if I’m not good enough,

Or you say you have to figure out some stuff (I really hope that the next isn’t tough)

I expect it by now, nothing good lasts

The flow of river, the water has passed




Verse 5

My soul fades like another day

I’m not sure if I still want to play (if I should stay)

I feel so lost in my life

Waiting for someone else’s love


Verse 6

I will move on, I will be strong,

I know the road of life is long

I might hit bumps, but I will survive

I need no other to feel alive.