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As day

A cold as black as day,

Yet stiller and more harsh

Spreads like roots do through soil

Then contain a tender blow.


I doubt I am the missive

Aching of my heart

That can turn and scream

And have it near

Worlds away, apart.


I miss you with my curseful pause.

And stiller with my heart

That place where you took me once.

Now forever gone.

This is For

This is for all you fools

Who choose to stay alive

And blithely say the world

Is better before you die.


This is for existence;

It was never worth the time

To believe and feel the hurt

As reality falls behind.


This is for my heartbreak,

The one that cuts like knives

Not of men; the lurid creature,

But because I’m still alive.


This is for my thoughts

And the cuts I pierce on skin,

My aching woes, my worst disease;

The allegory of my sins.


And this is for the people,

The ones I will leave behind,

I had myself, I had my heart,

But the light I couldn’t find.


So move on without me,

As I know you will

Because time heals, to be no more

My aching blood is still.