Song: My Soul Fades

A song about getting over a break-up (what else?!):


Verse 1

My soul fades like another day

It wasn’t meant to be this way

I found your love and I thought it would last

By now it’s just a thing of the past


Verse 2

My heart breaks like a shattered glass

I didn’t think it would be so fast

How could you do this, I thought it was real

Did you ever love, did you even feel?



I’m so tired – – –

Of starting over again

It’s too much Effort – – –

To get to know them

For them to break my heart

Like I am nothing but flesh

And make me feel like I was less

Do I hold out hope for that special one?

Or do I accept that all the good ones are gone?


Verse 3

My body breaks as he walks away

I have more pride than to beg for him stay

Wasted months, all wasted time

Wasted laughs on someone left behind


Verse 4

You go now, if I’m not good enough,

Or you say you have to figure out some stuff (I really hope that the next isn’t tough)

I expect it by now, nothing good lasts

The flow of river, the water has passed




Verse 5

My soul fades like another day

I’m not sure if I still want to play (if I should stay)

I feel so lost in my life

Waiting for someone else’s love


Verse 6

I will move on, I will be strong,

I know the road of life is long

I might hit bumps, but I will survive

I need no other to feel alive.

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