Shards of Flesh

Stasis in Darkness

You shattered me.

A million pieces I lay, broken and beaten;

As if you had had your time

And found me unworthy

To live among these splendid beings.

My patience is run, my battle fought,

And gravely do I now grasp at wounds;

Pick at scabs and echoing blows.

Fresh claws and talons formed those scars,

The ones that lie amongst my soul;

They tore away my fleshy heart –

The muscle so long had lain dormant and cold.

And yet you leaked the warm blood from it as it was beating,

The very life you stimulated.

You flew as crows on misty commons;

Far from my battered form.

And you thought that I did not love you,

But you were wrong.

I loved you this deep all along.

I have lain awake in the dead of night,

And caressed the sunset, you at side.

But it has gone now.


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