My Broken Sleep

Stasis in Darkness

I arose from the echoless deep,

The remnants of my broken sleep,

With rattling winds invading mind

As I left my dreams behind.

In that darkened morning still

I wondered at what was real,

As I blinked at the world I spurned

And once again had sad returned.

The ghostly hand had gripped my soul,

Beaming bright in dark as coal,

And reeled meĀ up from the black

Giving me my body back.

I felt ashamed that I might exist

In this world so full of mist

And where reasons that were still unknown

Could slaughter, cut me, shatter bone.

My conscious faded once or twice

As I awoke to the world of ice,

But yet I teetered on the edge of sleep,

Sinking back into the deep.

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