Must You Persist?

Stasis in Darkness

Must you persist?

I made it clear, so clear that we are parted;

Ruptured as a widening chasm

Strung between tectonic plates.

I need to walk this path alone;

No other human may define my time,

As your morals are warped, so flamed

And we are fractured again.

So you still persist.

Like I will come back to you when I am weak.

And sometimes I guess I could;

I am so very lonely – tortured soul.

But I will murder you, not by hand but by word,

As I murder myself repeatedly.

Not happy, never content,

Always ugly, never the best.

I part us now – it must be done.

I’m not yours; you’re not the one.

If I have to snap and slice apart,

I will do it – break your heart.

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