One More Chance

Stasis in Darkness

Do I empty my soul now?

Or my body, rather, as its faithful decanter.

A vessel for my spark.

Do I choose to get away from here?

This realm where death is sure;

This circle of the mortal men,

Of which I must endure.

But a soul, yes a soul, must live,

Though here it seems quite so frail

Tired at the age of twenty-two,

Too tired to end its laborious tale.

I can’t even begin to think

Of what it’s like in dead of night

When soul leaves body and drifts beyond;

A happy spirit lost in flight.

I just don’t know whether this is time

To leave this world despised

And head up through the open gate,

To traipse among the skies.

Or should I give it one more chance?

For this sunny afternoon

Is blissful of my echoes heart

Which won’t cease beating soon.

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