San Juan del Sur and the Nicaraguan Border Crossing (Penas Blancas), Nicaragua – including the story of the missing dolphin…

The Lost Girl

The journey from Tamarindo to the Nicaraguan border isn’t too bad – only one connection in Liberia and costing under $4 in total. The border crossing itself is a bit more strenuous. First you have to pay an exit tax which at the time of writing was $7, and this has to be bought from a dodgy looking stall on the Costa Rican side. A 300m walk, during which I almost got taken out by a careless truck driver, and you reach the Nicaraguan customs, the entry tax being $12.

The little shanty town just through the border is interesting. Bustling with food stalls, money exchangers shoving wads of cordobas in your face and people yelling “taxi” and occasionally “guapa”.

IMG_2643.JPG Crossing to Nicaragua

I eventually located a chicken bus which would take me to Rivas. If you’ve never been to Central America, you’ll have no idea what these are, and…

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