Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica

The Lost Girl

I have just left Monteverde after being up the mountain for 6 and a half weeks!

IMG_2377 View of the beautiful Monteverde Reserve. Only about 10% is open to visitors and it is thought that at least one jaguar lives in this area

First and foremost I must recomend the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens – My residence throughout my time there. The place is full of so many self-confessed bug nerds who are all amazing people, know their stuff on our six-legged friends and always give enthusiastic and worthwhile tours. Not only will you get to see some of Costa Rica’s beautiful native butterflies, but you’ll also learn some interesting facts and even get a chance to get up close and personal with some non-lepidoptera parts of the insect order – a cute giant peppered cockroach or zebra tarantula anyone? Well worth a visit!

IMG_2363.JPG Sign for Monteverde Butterfly Gardens

Aside from the…

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