Day 2 – Welcome to New York

The Lost Girl

I started the day off with a cream cheese bagel in the Starbucks underneath the Empire State building. I was in quite a good mood, since on the subway down an Acapella group started singing, which I thought was very entertaining for an otherwise boring ride down.

IMG_2091[1].JPG My NYC bagel breakfast

I had a walk up to the New York City Library after this which I very much enjoyed too. I even sat in the reading room and did some work – I’m trying to get some books completed as part of this trip – and I found the atmosphere completely relaxing, if a little cold.

IMG_2109[1].JPG Reading room in the New York Public Library I also went to the Hershey’s shop in Times Square and got a free Milk Chocolate bar using  a voucher from my hostel and spotted this sign in the shop which describes me perfectly.

IMG_2129.JPG A cute…

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