Day 1 – All this travelling

The Lost Girl

My dad very kindly gave me a lift to Gatwick airport this morning, and all ran smoothly there.

My flight to New York stopped off in Keflavik airport in Iceland and my was that a bit grim and miserable. The thing is, having been to Iceland before, I’ve actually come to accept the harrowing grey skies as part of its appeal and the landscape the country has is unique. Not to mention how very tempted I was to order a pot of the famous Skyr Icelandic yogurt on the plane.

IMG_2076.JPG Gatwick Airport

The second connection flight had beautiful views. Part of the way there weren’t any clouds at all, though I had to question myself as the snow covered landscape and icy furrows which I could make out could quite as easily have been clouds if I had squinted.

IMG_2077.JPG Keflavik Airport

IMG_2078.JPG View from Keflavik-Newark

IMG_2079.JPG Another view from Keflavik – Newark

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